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US-2011167087-A1: agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names patent, US-2011015955-A1: System and method for exchanging loyalty points for acquisitions patent, US-2011168203-A1: Wrap device and method for curling hair patent, US-2011179908-A1: Method and apparatus for collecting nano-particles patent, US-2011281002-A1: Antimicrobial solutions and process related thereto patent, US-2011284311-A1: Control valve assembly for electro-hydraulic steering system patent, US-2012012269-A1: Recycled paper smoothing device for used paper recycling apparatus patent, US-2012069750-A1: Method to control reconfiguration of multiple radio access bearers in a wireless device patent, US-2012085412-A1: Organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012125169-A1: Semiconductor light-emitting device measurement apparatus patent, US-2012241325-A1: Device and method for electrically contacting treatment material in electroplating systems patent, US-2012322445-A1: Method and apparatus for reducing consumption of transmission power in base station by adjusting transmission interval of control signal patent, US-2013061930-A1: Surface-modified electrode layers in organic photovoltaic cells patent, US-2013123657-A1: Thermochromatic earplug and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2013133289-A1: Process for the preparation of amorphus valgancyclovir hydrochloride patent, US-2013156721-A1: Cyclodextrin-based polymers for therapeutics delivery patent, US-2013207228-A1: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent, US-2013257516-A1: Switch circuit and electronic device using the same patent, US-2013262537-A1: Identification of files of a collaborative file storage system having relevance to a first file patent, US-2013550-A: Cutting machine block patent, US-2014014295-A1: Steam generator patent, US-2014031169-A1: Method and strategy to detect the lock-up of planetary gear in power split hybrid vehicles patent, US-2014080876-A1: Antimicrobial and radioprotective compounds patent, US-2014206012-A1: Method for Identifying Agents that Inhibit Cell Migration, Promote Cell Adhesion and Prevent Metastasis patent, US-2014236104-A1: Punch-reducing cannula patent, US-2014237782-A1: Method for making a knitted mesh patent, US-2014274661-A1: Methods of removing calcium material from a substrate or catalytic converter patent, US-2015059088-A1: Pivotable Joint and Infant Support Structure Including the Same patent, US-2010144075-A1: Method of forming optical waveguide patent, US-2010170554-A1: Thermoelectric conversion module patent, US-2010196637-A1: Method for producing fibre-reinforced hollow bodies and products formed using said method patent, US-2010288537-A1: Circuit board module and method of making the same patent, US-2010297184-A1: Vaccines patent, US-2011009411-A1: Therapeutic compositions and the use thereof patent, US-2011197909-A1: Composition for the permanent shaping of human hair patent, US-2011200128-A1: Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal patent, US-2011200694-A1: Promotors of Ceramide's Generation patent, US-2011249994-A1: Conductive composition, electrophotographic belt, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing conductive composition patent, US-2011250458-A1: Low coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) thermosetting resins for integrated circuit applications patent, US-2011269026-A1: Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same patent, US-2012014644-A1: Optical router with nearly ideal performance patent, US-2012103907-A1: Manganese based sorbent for removal of mercury species from fluids patent, US-2012195375-A1: Method and device for arithmetic encoding or arithmetic decoding patent, US-2012216356-A1: Fiber-reactive azo dyes and dye mixtures, preparation thereof and use thereof patent, US-2012249089-A1: Nickel-Cobalt Supercapacitors and Methods of Making Same patent, US-2012308309-A1: Manufacturing method, driving in and injection of underwater piles patent, US-2012308856-A1: Shunt current resistors for flow battery systems patent, US-2012316314-A1: Water-Insoluble Polyglutamic Acid Fibers patent, US-2012318413-A1: Hydrogen Storage Alloy, Hydrogen Storage Alloy Electrode, Secondary Battery, And Method For Producing Hydrogen Storage Alloy patent, US-2013184372-A1: Silicone polymers comprising sulfonic acid groups patent, US-2013199014-A1: Processing Workpieces on Machine Tools patent, US-2013205452-A1: Papaver somniferum with high concentration of codeine patent, US-2013330271-A1: Method for making aluminosilicate zeolite ssz-33 patent, US-2013340108-A1: Poloma lettuce variety patent, US-2013341710-A1: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2014141332-A1: Positive electrode material for lithium ion secondary battery, positive electrode member, lithium ion secondary battery, and production method for said positive electrode material patent, US-2014226102-A1: Direct Backlight Module and Liquid Crystal Display Module Using the Backlight Module patent, US-2011015917-A1: Browser emulator system patent, US-2011084290-A1: Organic el display and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2011171100-A1: System and method for ammonia synthesis patent, US-2011177330-A1: Flame-retardant adhesive composition and laminated film patent, US-2011182953-A1: Polymorphic form of calcium acamprosate patent, US-2011256632-A1: Additive for Polyolefin Polymerization Processes patent, US-2011259207-A1: Water treatment unit for beverage production machine patent, US-2011265502-A1: High-efficiency heat pumps patent, US-2011290714-A1: Monolithic organic porous body, monolithic organic porous ion exchanger, and process for producing the monolithic organic porous body and the monolithic organic porous ion exchanger patent, US-2012061155-A1: Humanoid robotics system and methods patent, US-2012083102-A1: Integrated Shadow Mask/Carrier for Pattern Ion Implantation patent, US-2012136726-A1: Method and apparatus for interacting with a user over a network patent, US-2012269952-A1: High pressure pasteurizing of ground meats patent, US-2012314740-A1: Groupwise successive interference cancellation for block transmission with reception diversity patent, US-2013189789-A1: High Range Activated Clotting Time Assay Formulation patent, US-2013197393-A1: Methods and devices for biopsy and collection of soft tissue patent, US-2013200355-A1: Conjugated Polymers and Their Use in Optoelectronic Devices patent, US-2013242435-A1: Magneto-resistance effect element, magnetic head assembly, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory patent, US-2013331549-A1: Hydroxyapatite-Targeting Multiarm Polymers and Conjugates Made Therefrom patent, US-2014107410-A1: Method and aparatus for artificial insemination patent, US-291646-A: Andrew b patent, US-2014114753-A1: Method and system for allocating bandwidth based on device user response patent, US-2014227313-A1: Group a streptococcal m-related proteins and methods of use patent, US-2015028871-A1: Magnetic field probe sealed with a metallic plug patent, US-2010328991-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2011049504-A1: Photoelectric conversion element patent, US-2011178194-A1: Modified blowing agent surface-treated with metallic siloxylated compound and polymer resin composition including the same patent, US-2011199706-A1: Production method of disk drive device for cleaning subassemblies and disk drive device produced by said production method patent, US-2011253469-A1: Instrumented Rolling Bearing Device, Particularly for a Motorcycle Wheel patent, US-2011272401-A1: Apparatus And Method To Form A Fabric Blanket Into A Box patent, US-2011274453-A1: Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same patent, US-2011279033-A1: Electronic lamp converter patent, US-2012015018-A1: Mixed antibacterial glass patent, US-2012113158-A1: Surface light source device, liquid crystal display device and optical member patent, US-2012140972-A1: Dynamic Microphone patent, US-2012157645-A1: Procatalyst Composition with Alkoxypropyl Ester Internal Electron Donor and Polymer From Same patent, US-2012213789-A1: New Molecular Target for Treatment of Cancer patent, US-2012316064-A1: Treatment applicator patent, US-2013048802-A1: Display stand for tablet computer or the like patent, US-2013063271-A1: Delayed power-on function for an electronic device patent, US-2013170102-A1: Electrolytic material formulation, electrolytic material polymer formed therefrom and use thereof patent, US-2013276972-A1: Coating System, Use Thereof, and Method for Producing Such Coating System patent, US-2014014571-A1: Sports bottle top with axial flow filter device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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